HLM takes care of its faculty and students. Facilities that are both necessary and nice-to-have are in place in an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and development.
HLM has hostel for girls with a range of rooms and a variety of services that make living on campus safe, comfortable and affordable. Residents enjoy the support of committed and caring wardens who are available 24X7.
Our state-of-the-art auditorium has a seating capacity of 300. The auditorium boasts of high-end equipment for sound and video. It also has facilities for video-conferencing and live media streaming. In addition to college functions, the auditorium is offered to companies and organisations to conduct large events and meetings. The auditorium is also supported by large parking spaces, and reception and lobby areas to greet and meet guests.
Computer Lab
HLM has resources and facilities in both the campus and hostel. Following facilities are available for each of the students at HLM:


  • Fully Wi-Fi campus and computer lab facilities with ratio of 1:1

  • Students have access Live Database, online journals, and worldwide web

  • State of the are computer land with more than 100 PCs

  • The entire campus has a Switch-Based Local Area Network (LAN) operating on Windows 2000 and XP.

  • Various OS platforms such as Linux and Windows XP

  • High-speed network laser printers, scanners and CD writer support systems.

  • The centre is equipped with a variety of software such as SPSS, Lotus Smart Suite, Corel, Oracle, RDBMS, and Visual Basic.

  • Different business management software applications and business games like Business Simulation, Investment analysis and Portfolio management, Quantitative Analysis and Multi-Dimension scaling are also available.

  • Students have access to make use of a host of CD ROM based corporate Databases such as CMIE’s PROWNESS.

  • Each student is provided with individual E-mail address facility.
Central Library
  • HLM has a well stocked, well managed library with over 10,000 books and a sufficient number of national as well as international journals.
  • The library not only contains books of academic interests and disciplines but also provides non-academic books which play a crucial role in holistic development of individuals. These include books by personality development trainers, business gurus, spiritual trainers and art of living specialists.
  • Besides additional books on self-help, the learners can also have access to online databases via networked terminals.
  • The students have book bank facility whereby they have access to all relevant books covering their course content throughout the semester.
  • Besides this, they have exhaustive access to a number of journals by IJEB, ICFAI and other prestigious institutes so as to acquire a deeper understanding of the concepts relevant to their field of study.

Indoor and Outdoor Sports
Large playing fields support a wide variety of games, such as Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Hockey and Kho-Kho. There are also dedicated spaces for Indoor sport, including Table Tennis, Badminton, Weight Lifting, Power Lifting, Chess, and Caroms. Our Outdoor facilities include a 200-metre athletic track and courts for Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, and Throw Ball.
Facilities at a glance
  • Accommodation

  • Auditorium

  • Computer Lab

  • Central Library

  • Canteen and Cafe

  • Indoor and Outdoor Sports

  • Medical Centre

  • Seminar Rooms and Conference Hall

  • Temple

Canteen and Cafe
There is a hygienic, multi-cuisine vegetarian canteen for both resident students and day scholars. A leading café chain has set up its operations on campus to offer variety with coffees, sandwiches, pastries, etc.
Medical Centre
Medical facilities are available on campus through a dispensary staffed by a Medical Officer .
Seminar Rooms and Conference Hall
The Institute has seminars conferance hall for conducting Activity / Guest Lectures for students.
Situated at the Right to the entrance of the college. The Shiva temple is a place, for anyone to receive their spiritual perspective.